Our Process is totally electronic. Each province however has different requirements we will guide you through the process where necessary.

By accessing the renewal website you are able to select check my status and input your registration details. Our system will then let you know the current status of your licence renewal.

Service Fee: This is the fee payable for the processing and delivery of your new licence disk.
Department Fee: This is the cost of your annual vehicle licence and is calculated according to the weight of your vehicle. This licence disc fee is determined by the Licencing Authority where your vehicle is registered.

If you have fines that are blocking the renewal of your licence e.g. warrant of arrest or enforcement order, you will need to pay these fines before the licence disk can be issued.

The Tare Weight is the weight of your particular vehicle and is required for licencing purposes. The Tare Weight is displayed on the right-hand side of your licence disc.

Yes, once you have added your vehicle and before making the payment you have the option to enter your delivery address as a residential or business address. This will not affect the address you registered with on our site or the costs of your licence renewal.

You’ll receive a confirmation sms when your licence disc is dispatched with our friendly courier. Our deliveries take place between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Yes, you will be able to renew your licence disk if your current disk has expired. Any penalties and/or
extra fees will be sent to you as a payment link which you’ll need to settle before your new licence
disc is delivered to you.

Yes, you’re able to renew any licence disc whether it is expired or not. The cost will be pro-rated, so you
would pay the full renewal amount and we’ll refund you the difference in the costs once we have your new disc.

For a company vehicle the following is needed: Clear image of Current Licence disc, CK Document, Proof of
Company Address, Copy of Proxys ID and Proxy letter.

Yes ,you can renew through our service and we can deliver anywhere in SA.

Currently renewals are taking longer than usual and you can expect your renewal to take approximately:
5-10 working days in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal
10-15 working days in Northern Cape, Free State and Limpopo
10-25 working days in Eastern Cape

There are 6 common reasons why your disc may not be issued:

  • 1.You have other vehicles which are due for licencing
  • 2.You have outstanding fines which are in enforcement order status
  • 3.Your vehicle requires a Police Clearance or Police Verification
  • 4.You have an Administration mark on your eNatis profile
  • 5.Your vehicle is required to have a Roadworthy test done
  • 6.Your vehicle’s registration number has been marked as invalid

The Licencing Department will accept the licencing fee paid but The Licencing Department will not issue your new licence disc. The Licencing Department will advise us exactly what the issue is and we’ll assist you in resolving the issue.

  • If it’s an issue we’re able to resolve for you, we’ll assist you with the process and complete the delivery of your disc when it’s released by the Licencing Department.
  • If the issue is required to be resolved by you personally, we’ll advise you of all the steps required to do so. We’ll then dispatch the proof of renewal to you and when you’ve resolved the issue at the Licencing Department, the Licencing Department will provide you with your new licence disc at no cost if it is within a 21 day period of the initial renewal being done.